More Than A Loo - Toilet Units

The Toilet Unit is convenient, pleasant and comfortable to use. The unit can be installed outside your home in the front or rear of your premises.

Requiring only connection to water and power the unit is plumbed to your existing sewerage, so all the bathroom waste is pumped away and not contained in the unit so there are no unpleasant smells.

Ideal for home or bathroom renovations, an extra house guest, parties or outdoor functions where bathroom amenities are required. Other options are available if sewer or septic are not available.

The Toilet Unit Features:

• Dual flush domestic toilet

• Hand basin
• Light

The Dimensions - White toilet unit      

• 1.0 meters wide, 1.5 metres long and 2.4 metres high 

The Dimensions - Green toilet unit    

• 120kg weight, 1.2 metres wide and deep, and 2.3 metres high

The Requirements

• Easy connection to sewer/septic point
• 1 domestic power point (no double adaptors)
• Garden hose
• Clear and flat site access

• Simple connection to your sewer through 32mm flexible hose into your yard gully (pipe with grate on it or inspection point). Built in macerator pump that can pump up to 60 metres uphill.